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Release notes for Version 2020.2.0

What's new

The 2020.2.0 version contains various improvements to the Admin and Editor UI along with some bug fixes.


  • Switching between sites will not open the admin view within the previous admin view
  • Administrators can assign pages to other editors/users
  • Image classes contains fields for aspect ratio (e.g. 16:9, 1:1 etc)
  • Custom CSS overrides for websites can be added through configuration
  • Users can only see roles they can edit


  • New pages where somtimes displayed as both ”draft” and ”submitted”. This has been fixed
  • Access to page templates based on ACL's in OVERBLIQ Admin
  • Both image picker and image upload are now available for images
  • Refactorised the web to enable client specific elements in sites
  • Removed the irrelevant bug icon from error pages
  • Events could not be removed due to missing delete-button
  • Updated the texts in the "My pages" section to be more self explanatory
  • Improved handling of error codes


  • Link ”Create new account” on the login page temporarily removed since it lead to the wrong site
  • Updated the appearance of the login page

Solved bugs

  • Users that have been automatically logged out from OVERBLIQ Editor could sometimes not see their pages when logging back in
  • New SiteAdmins and SiteEditors could not see existing pages in OVERBLIQ Editor
  • Updated configuration for map locations on new sites
  • Streaming of audio files adjusted to render correct file formats
  • Users site access was altered after the user the form was saved by a SiteAdmin
  • The reset password generated an ”internal error” when accessed from the wrong site
  • Image format on pages have been set to correct format in the Editor view
  • New editors get assigned the correct templates
  • New users cannot log in before they have been approved by an administaror
  • User context menu in OVERBLIQ Admin was sometimes hidden by adjacent elements