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Release notes for version 2020.0.0

What's new

The 2020.0.0 version is the first release of the year, and brings various improvements to the Admin and Editor UI, along with the brand new concept of "Units"...

Introducing: ”Units"

Version 1.0 of the brand new concept of "content units” in OVERBLIQ. Units will let you define and edit custom data models in OVERBLIQ, and will introduce new views in the mobile SDK's. Contact the customer success team for more info on how to utilize Units in your project.


  • Automatic logout when user session expires
  • Live HTML preview of component pages
  • Title and description on component formats
  • Caching of events has been improved
  • Support for ”pinning” common page templates in the UI for faster access
  • New module for custom configuration per site


  • Faster loading of views
  • Live HTML preview of pages in the final step
  • Form element and configuration for selecting predefined images and texts
  • Better support for template configuration and graphic theming per client
  • Improved management of related content on page, e.i. subpages, events, etc.
  • All component pages gets ”tagged” with template name, for easier creation of content lists
  • Suport for multiple offer templates
  • Automatic email to site admins when there are new users to approve
  • UI appearance for missing images has been improved

Solved bugs

  • Could not update status on page’s in editor
  • CORS-headers on all XHR-requests in Admin, solves bug with intermediate redirection to Home page
  • Bug in offer caching fixed, field unique name was not considered
  • Errors message was showed on page removal, this has been fixed
  • Message about unsupported browser version was shown in Editor and Admin on latest Chrome
  • Could not access the user menu on start page in OVERBLIQ Admin
  • Only one (1) slider with offers could be use per page, multiple sliders is now allowed
  • Could not filter pages by tag in OVERBLIQ Admin