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Release notes for version 2019.3.5

What's new

The 2019.3.5 version is a release that focuses on useability and workflows in OVERBLIQ Editor, with a few impovements and bugfixes in OVERBLIQ Admin as well. Enjoy!


  • Component pages has support for Created, Updated and Published dates
  • Title and description on image classes
  • Improved (and friendlier) error pages


  • The editing views is kept open after saving av page
  • New default date & time for events
  • The button ”check translations” has been removed due to poor functionality and usage
  • Removed the placeholder texts in the signup form
  • Modal dialog lets user select a new name and date when saving a copy of an event
  • Highlight past events in the UI
  • Larger viewport for image cropping
  • New editorial ”help section” in the editor. Users can create help pages just like public pages
  • Support for page links in templates (only web links could be used in previous versions)


  • Refactored presentation components

Solved bugs

  • Error message when selecting a page with inconsistent image croppings
  • Users get redirected to the start page in OVERBLIQ Admin when saving a form with previous validation errors
  • Cannot save access templates for lists in OVERBLIQ Admin
  • Images gets uploaded as duplicates in OVERBLIQ Editor
  • Events in OVERBLIQ Editor could be published even though the parent page was a draft