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Release notes for version 2019.3.4

What's new

The 2019.3.4 version is a minor release, that adds some features and fixes some bugs in OVERBLIQ™ Editor, Account and Web applications. This release also introduces a new architecture for operability, where each service is versioned, deployed and maintained separated from each other. Happy editing!


  • HTML place holders in account fields are removed for better user experience and clarity
  • Adds proper validation to the ”password" and "repeat password" fields in password recovery


  • New feature for creating copies of events. This makes it easier to create recurring events, of events that are very similar in content
  • New feature for saving pages as drafts, without having to submit them. This also introduces a new status; ”submitted".
  • Fixes an intermittent issue where the application could not access the database
  • Some users with brand new accounts couldn’t add events to their pages, this has been fixed
  • Fixes issues with file upload in Mac OS Safari and iOS Safari
  • Fixes issues with errors if the "delete page”-button was clicked more than once when deleting a page


  • Fixes an issue where pages with the status ”draft” was shown on the website