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Release notes for version 2019.2.2

What's new

The 2019.2.2 version is a minior release that brings some stabilization and improvements to the OVERBLIQâ„¢ Editor, Admin and Web.


  • Events created for a specific content page (a bussiness, a place, etc.) will now be listed on the parent category page as well.
  • Pages listed under "My Pages" are now sorted in alphabetical order
  • Relations between events and a content pages is updated each time a conent page is saved
  • Event pages created for a certain content page sometimes had more than one "back-links". This is now resolved.


  • Component fields Tite and Description no longer requires input, and can be omited
  • The Sites menu had an inconsistent behaviour some times, which led to partially loaded on site content in the UI. This is now resolved.


  • Navigation elements such as top menu, footer, etc. is cached now in a better way, which improves both performance and editing capabilities.