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Release notes for version 2019.2.0

What's new

The 2019.2.0 release is focused on refinement and performance improvement.

New features:

  • Caches on Component Pages, Offers and Navigations API:s.
  • Refinements in Overbliq ADMIN
  • Unified the user interface.
  • Perfomance improvemnets on large list with componetn pages, offers and navigations.
  • Changed user management and enabled users to be associated with one or more sites.
  • Introduced a SDK for Overbliq Web.
  • Additional five languages for content publishing.
  • Improved editorial views in Overbliq EDITOR, you can now view linked content from a component page.


We have introduced a new configuration parameter to enable a catch all behaiour if a page has an invalid tempaltename. Set the overbliqweb.catchAllTemplateName key in your application-customweb.yml file to enable this feature. Below is an example to set the default template to default/default.

  catchAllTemplateName: "default/default"


Existing users need to be migrated and assigned a specific site. Existing enviornments needs to be updated with cache configuration and an external cache provider, details for this is provided in the upgrade notes.