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Overbliq permission matrix

Known roles

  • USER
  • Anonymous

Role matrix

ADMIN role can exclusivly Create, Edit, Delete

Component Formats
Offer Formats
Site configuration
Forms, Forms answers

EDITOR role can exclusivly Create, Edit, Delete

Component Pages
Images, Sounds, Files

USER, can read information from GET endpoints and update their own profile.

Anonymous, can generally read information from GET endpoints. With exceptions that an a user with AclEdit can remove Anonymous access to an object.

ACL Matrix

ACL Description
Read Gives permission to read an object
Edit Gives permission to create and update an object
Delete Gives permission to delete an object
AclEdit Gives permission to edit Acls for an object
AclDelete Gives permission to remove one or more Acls for an object


There is a concept of AclTemplates these are default ACLs that will be applied to all known objects that has a template defined. The purpose is to be able to inherit permissions on all content for an admin user or multiple editors.